Legends and Amateur Staff

The League Bowler is the base for the whole bowling industry and we believe that the league bowler is forgotten about when it comes to promoting the sport of bowling. The Lane Masters/Lord Field Amateur staff consists of League Bowlers who desire to improve their games, bowlers who love the game of bowling and want to promote bowling, and bowlers that want to be a contributing part of bowling and become part of our "Family".  


We encourage Pro Shops to work with our Amateur staff or even creating their own Amateur staff using our brands. League bowlers are the reason there are pro shops and when bowlers and pro shops work together both benefit. Pro shop enhances his business and the Staff member increases his/her exposure to bowling and learning by promoting the game of bowling.


If you are interested in joining our staff you can fill out an application here. All staff pay for their own gear but receive equipment at a great discount including bags and accessories. Please send us an email if you are not able to fill out the application here:  staff@lfbowling.com