Sean Dubose

Long Island, NY

Pro Shop Staff Manager

John Baker

Home Bowling Center: Riverside Lanes

Bowling Hand: Right

High USBC Sanctioned Series: 795 ( 265  Triplicate )

A little something about me: Host of Bowling Beyond 200 Podcasts and Blog. Colorado River USBC Association Director.  Works as a Retail merchandiser.

Bullhead City, Az

Kevin D. Berry

Home Bowling Center:   St. Clair Bowl, Fairview Heights, IL

Bowling Hand:  Right

High USBC Sanctioned Series:  814

A little something about me:  I’ve been bowling competitively for 26 years with 19 sanctioned 300’s and 2 sanctioned 800’s.  I love this sport and I am constantly learning and sharing my knowledge with others.  People look to me for advice on equipment and lane play and I enjoy helping others be successful with this sport of bowling.

Belleville, IL

Paul Burnett

Home Bowling Center: AMF Pro Bowl

Bowling Hand: Right

High USBC Sanctioned Series: 802

A little something about me: Always here to help.

Overland Park, Ks

Cameron Clemens

Home Bowling Center: Bellevue Bowl 

Bowling Hand: Right hand 


High USBC Sanctioned Series: 846 

A little something about yourself: I love bowling and I am honored to represent the Lane Masters family. I’ve been bowling since 1970. I have ten 300 games. I have four 800 series. My most memorable 300 was bowled in a PBA regional tournament in 1996. I am also a proud member of the Merced County Bowling Hall of Fame.

CenCal, Ca

Tony Cox

Home Bowling Center: Roxy Ann

Bowling Hand: Left

High USBC Sanctioned Series: 857

A little something about me: Defending USBC Oregon State Champion for open division singles and doubles, 39 sanctioned 300 games, 14 sanctioned 800 series, Self employed Corporate owner of several businesses, father to 6 kids, 3 grand kids and a wonderful wife Jennifer. I LOVE to compete in tournaments, and absolutely am grateful to be on staff with such an incredible product.

Medford, Or

Mel Glaspey

Home Bowling Center: Harbor Lanes


Bowling Hand: Lefty


High USBC Sanctioned Series: 808


A little something about me:  Everyday businessman who enjoys the sport of bowling. I am a member and President of our local Association in Humboldt county. I have been bowling for 39 years the last 20 left handed. I am currently carrying a 198 and 197 average in my two leagues respectively.

Mckinleyville, Ca

Terrell Grasty

Home Bowling Center:  

Bowling Hand: 

High USBC Sanctioned Series:  

A little something about me: 

Norwalk, Ct

Kiel Heckman

Home Bowling Center: Holiday bowl, Altoona Pa

High USBC Series 808

About me: U.S. Army Veteran Was a medic in the 82nd Airborne Live to shoot pool, music, golf, and traveling 1 300 game 2 299 games 2 298 games 1 800 series

Altoona, Pa

Boogie Hollis

Queens, Ny

Morris Jackson

Massapequa, Ny

Danny Lew

40+ 300's   30+ 800's

Stockton, Ca

Michael Marcanio

Home Bowling Center:  Gates Bowl

Bowling Hand:  Left Hand

High USBC Sanctioned Series:  817

A little something about me: I have 4-800 series and 5-300 games in my career.   Took a 5 year hiatus from the sport with a focus on better physical conditioning, and since my return have had success in numerous tournaments including the New York State and the Rochester City events.  My goal is to compete heavily in the over 50 events once I achieve that milestone age.

Rochester, NY

Deon Norris

Home Bowling Center:  

Bowling Hand: 

High USBC Sanctioned Series:   

A little something about me: 

Houston, Tx

Julie Patnode

Home Bowling Center: Texa Tonka Lanes

Bowling Hand:  Right

Highest USBC Sanctioned Series:  824

A little something about me:  I have been bowling for 40+ years. I feel blessed to having the opportunity to bowl for so long and improve as much as I have. I have averaged over 200 since 2000.  

My goals for bowling were to: 1. Bowl a 300 (I have 6 now), 2. Bowl an 800 ( I have 5 now) and 3. win a tournament ( which I did ) . These, to me, were things I never thought I would accomplish but I did!! I was also inducted into the Minneapolis Hall of Fame and next spring (2017) I will be inducted into the Minnesota Hall of Fame! 

Maple Grove, Mn

Arvin Sanders

Home Bowling Center: BC Lanes

Bowling Hand: Right Handed


High USBC Series: 808


A little something about me: 2 800 series 808,800 6 Sanctioned 300's 4 Non

Started bowling with my grandfather when i was 4 years old haven't put a ball down since.

Local High School Bowling Coach

Owner Operator Bearriver Proshop

Multiple tournament victories,Budweiser King of the Hill 2016,Back to Back Mixed Doubles Champion 2014-2015, Runner Up Budweiser King of the Hill 2015, Miller Lite King of the Hill 2015, Northern Lights King of the Hill 2010,

Petoskey, Mi

Nick Sanicola

Home Bowling Center: 

Bowling Hand: 

High USBC Sanctioned Series: 

A little something about me: 

Greenfield, Wi

Michael Slatky

Home Bowling Center: Suburban Bowlerama York, PA

Bowling Hand: Right ( 2 handed )

High USBC Series: 806


A little something about me: I'm excited to be part of Lane Masters and what we are doing here. Other staff affiliations include VISE, PureIT Pro Shop and CtD. The great aspects of this company is that we are reengineering for the future of our sport and offering our athletes opportunities to choose from a great line of products. In my personal bowling career I have won $20,000 at the Orleans in Las Vegas Nevada and also have had the honor of serving as the first local USBC president during the ABC, WIBC and YABA transition to USBC. I've more recently enjoyed the challenge from switching over from bowling one-handed to two-handed.

York, Pa

Shaun Sterner

Home Bowling Center: Bowl O Drome

Bowling Hand: Right

High USBC Sanctioned Series: 836

A little something about me: 1999 Team Champion USBC Tournament in Syracuse NY

Niagara Falls, NY

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